Dec 11, 2015

Howto: install and use bettercap in Kali 2.0

1. Install Ruby-Dev
# apt-get install ruby-dev libpcap-dev

2. Download source code bettercap
# git clone

3. Install bettercap
# cd bettercap
# gem build bettercap.gemspec
# gem install bettercap*.gem

4. Start monitor traffic and MITM
# bettercap -X -L -I eth0
-X => Sniffing
-L =>  Parse packets coming from/to the address of this computer
-I => Interface

5. Download Proxy module
#  git clone

6. Using bettercap + beef
# bettercap -X -L -I eth0 --proxy-module bettercap-proxy-modules/beefbox.rb


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