Apr 15, 2014

Howto: Find IP of Skype users

Skype resolvers are used by hackers to get Skype users IP addresses, when a hacker get a users IP address they usually hit them off or DDoS them.

If your victim is in your friend-list & you are using linux ; then it`s very simple to get his I.P.

netstat -tupan | grep skype > n1

Now chat with your victim; as soon as you got reply use following command.

netstat -tupan | grep skype > n2

diff n1 n2

Now we have IP. of victim.

In most situation our victim is not in our friend-list. So for that situation, we will going to use online skype resolver.

Use one of following  links to get I.P. of your victim using his skype user-name.






Source: http://tipstrickshack.blogspot.com/2013/10/fun-with-skype-resolver.html

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