Jan 31, 2012

Easy Wireless Honey-Pots using Win7 and Metasploit

I found myself inspired by Vivek Ramachandran’s videos, I thought I would take the honor in creating the simple meterpreter script that basically does what you see in the third installation of the Swse Addendum videos.

When I watched the third video I thought to myself, “This shouldn’t be too difficult to do”. From my perception, I think that Vivek was kind of hinting that he might have wanted to see someone in the info-sec community create a meterpreter script that does what you see in this video. I was glad to do this. :-)
 For penetration testers, this script means that they can now more easily setup rogue wireless access points by utilizing this script, that utilizes the soft ap feature that is implemented into Windows 7 and Windows 2008.
If the victim computers are part of a Windows domain and have wireless NICs, by automating Metasploit with a pass-the-hash attack and using my script, one could essentially automate deploying a series of rogue ap points throughout a domain. This would be kind of like a network worm.

If you’re curious about automating Metasploit, please see:http://dev.metasploit.com/redmine/projects/framework/repository/revisions/8878/entry/documentation/msfconsole_rc_ruby_example.rc 

My script gives the end user the option if they want to install the meterpreter service on the victim computer. I thought that giving this option would be ideal for if the victim computer ends up rebooting. If you were just to deploy the soft AP and run a binding payload, the binding payload most likely wouldn’t survive a reboot.
The script is available here: 

Source: http://www.securityaegis.com/easy-wireless-honey-pots-using-win7-and-metasploit/

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Jan 30, 2012

Android App - Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer lets you mess with the internet on other people's computers.
Network Spoofer lets you mess with websites on other people's computers - flip pictures, change Google searches, redirect websites and many more features to come.
DISCLAIMER: The developer(s) of this application are not in any way responsible for it's use or misuse; only use it for demonstration purposes on networks for which you have permission to do so.
* Root (superuser)
* Wifi
* Motorola Atrix (and any non-armel based CPU handsets)
* Droid X (solution being worked on)

Source: https://market.android.com/details?id=uk.digitalsquid.netspoofer&rdid=uk.digitalsquid.netspoofer&rdot=1

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