Jun 7, 2012

Your LinkedIn password is in the news or not?

Last night, the password(SHA1) of LinkedIn was leaked and if you want to know your password is in the list or not, try this script(from Phobos Technology) for check it. 

if you want to see full details of this news, please go to the Source.

1. Download Password from

2. Run this python script.
Save this file as linkedin_hash.py and ensure it's
in the same folder as combo_not.txt

Usage: python linkedin_hash.py hunter2
from hashlib import sha1
import sys
password = sys.argv[1]
hsh = sha1(password).hexdigest()
x = 0

for line in open('combo_not.txt','r'):
    if hsh == line.strip():
        x += 1
    elif "00000" + hsh[5:] == line.strip():
        x += 1
print "Number of matches: %d" % x

Source:  http://wordpress.phobostechnology.com/?p=149
Update Another Analysis :: http://erratasec.blogspot.com/2012/06/linkedin-vs-password-cracking.html
Another website to check password :: https://lastpass.com/linkedin/

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