May 23, 2012

PDF Examiner

View PDF objects as hex/text, PDF dissector and inspector, scan for known exploits (CVE-2007-5659, CVE-2009-0927, CVE-2008-2992, CVE-2009-4324, CVE-2009-3954, CVE-2009-3953, CVE-2009-3959, CVE-2009-1493, CVE-2010-0188, CVE-2010-1297, CVE-2010-2883, CVE-2010-3654, CVE-2010-4091, CVE-2011-0609, CVE-2011-0611, CVE-2011-2462, CVE-2011-4369 and embedded /Action commands), process PDF compression (FlateDecode, ASCIIHexDecode, LZWDecode, ASCII85Decode, RunLengthDecode, CCITTFaxDecode Group 3 1D), encryption (40+128 bit RC4, 128 bit AESV2, 256 bit AESV3), and obfuscation (unicode, Hex, fromCharCode). Browse objects. More Info. 


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