May 31, 2011

Change user-agent whatever you want

Sometimes I want to test some restrict path of my lab websites with user-agent authentication and I want a tool to make me easy to switch any user-agent of any devices in my firefox. My solution is install User-Agent Switcher and import the list of user-agent from xml file. The instruction is here.

1. Install firefox4 from
2. Install User-Agent Switch from
3. Get the xml file that contain many many user-agents from
4. Go to Firefox -> Tools -> Default User Agent -> Edit User Agents -> Import -> Choose the XML File
5. Change the user-agent whatever you want.

Or you can download the xml file from here, but I recommended download xml file from top 'cause it's up-to-date than this list.

Adding customize search box on my site.

 Now, I try to add customize search box for search content in my blog on the side bar. And when I try to search with keyword "metasploit". I got this

Now, what do you want to see in my blog? try by yourselves.

PS. I extend the width of blog and I think you will like it.