Aug 19, 2011

BackTrack 5 r1 patch Wireless Driver rt2800usb

BackTrack 5 R1 contains patched stock kernel wireless drivers with several injection patches applied. Depending on card and setup, these drivers might not suit you.


In some cases we've seen cards using the rt2800usb drivers (such as the AWUS036NH and AWUS036NEH ALFAs) act strange with the BT5R1 kernel. If this happens to you, you can try installing a recent compat-wireless and building it on your own. This specific version will work:
root@bt:~# ln -s /usr/src/linux /lib/modules/
root@bt:~# cd/usr/src/
root@bt:~# wget
root@bt:~# tar jxpf compat-wireless-2011-07-14.tar.bz2  
root@bt:~# wget
root@bt:~# tar xpf 2.6.39.patches.tar
root@bt:~# cd compat-wireless-2011-07-14 
root@bt:~# patch -p1 < ../patches/mac80211-2.6.29-fix-tx-ctl-no-ack-retry-count.patch 
root@bt:~# patch -p1 < ../patches/mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch 
root@bt:~# patch -p1 < ../patches/zd1211rw-2.6.28.patch 
root@bt:~# patch -p1 < ../patches/ipw2200-inject.2.6.36.patch 
root@bt:~# make 
root@bt:~# make install
root@bt:~# reboot


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