Jul 26, 2011

Pwn Residential Router With Routerpwn

Routerpwn.com is a web application that helps you in the exploitation of vulnerabilities in residential routers.

It is a compilation of ready to run local and remote web exploits.
Programmed in Javascript and HTML in order to run in all "smart phones" and mobile internet devices.
It is only one page, so you can store it offline for local exploitation without internet connection.

== Install ==

iPhone/iTouch (JailBreak not needed):
Using Safari, browser the main url:
Select in Safari's main menu: [+]
Choose: "Add to home screen",
Enter a name or accept the default: "Routerpwn"
Click "Save".

 Source: http://www.routerpwn.com/info.html

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ricedunn said...

System increase best security of network. It create well speed and features of devices. Information make it perfect.