Apr 29, 2011

Untrackerd tool released to Prevent iOS Location Tracking (for jailbreaked only)

After the news, iPhone Tracker [Apple keep your information without telling you!!!] . this package will help you fix it.

Ryan Petrich has released a Cydia tweak to prevent your iOS device from tracking your location and saving it to consolidated.db
Continuously clean up locationd’s history data in the background.
This package installs a daemon (process that can run in the background) to clean the consolidated.db file.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. There are no options to configure.
You can install untrackerd from the Big Boss Cydia repository.

Source: http://www.vulnerabilitydatabase.com/2011/04/untrackerd-tool-released-to-prevent-ios-location-tracking-for-jailbreaked-only/

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