Apr 28, 2011


If you want to download it, please get from the Source.

SearchDiggity is a new GUI application that serves as a front-end to both GoogleDiggity and BingDiggity. Both are good information gathering tool. 

The Google Hacking Diggity Project is a research and development initiative dedicated to investigating the latest techniques that leverage search engines, such as Google and Bing, to quickly identify vulnerable systems and sensitive data in corporate networks.

BingDiggity:BingDiggity is a new command line utility that leverages the new Bing 2.0 API and a newly developed Bing Hacking Database (BHDB) to find vulnerabilities and sensitive information disclosures related to your organization that are exposed via Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This utility also provides footprinting functionality that allows you to enumerate URLS, hosts, domains, IP-to-virtual host mappings, etc. for target companies.
Download SearchDiggity v1.0 here

Source:  http://www.pentestit.com/2011/04/22/searchdiggity-gui-frontend-googlediggity-bingdiggity/

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